Full membership in the CSBR is predicated on having a Ph.D. in biblical studies or a related field of study, participating in the life of the society, and paying annual dues. Associate memberships are granted to Ph.D. candidates. To become a member of the CSBR, please send a hard copy of your most current CV and a letter of nomination written and signed by a current member of the CSBR by surface mail to the secretary, Dr. Steed Vernyl Davidson.  His address is:

Steed Vernyl Davidson

McCormick Theological Seminary

5460 S. University Avenue

Chicago, IL 60615

Current dues are $15 per annum for full and associate members. The annual fee is waived for emeritus faculty, unless they wish to continue to receive copies of Biblical Research, in which case the annual charge is $2.50. To remain a member of the CSBR in good standing, please remit your annual dues to the treasurer, Nancy Pardee. Her address is:

Dr. Nancy D. Pardee
5421 South Cornell Avenue #14
Chicago, IL 60615

Dues can also be remitted by credit card through Paypal:


The annual dues entitle you to free dinners at the society’s regular meetings, which are usually held three times a year, and a one-year subscription of Biblical Research, the society’s journal published both in paper edition and online edition by ATLAS. As a regular member of the CSBR, you also have the privilege of presenting a paper to the society at the invitation of the Executive Committee.

2020-2021 Membership List

Paul Adaja (A)
Klaus-Peter Adam
Chrisida N. Anandan (A)
Robert Atkins Jr.
David Aune
Melanie S. Baffes
Daniel Bailey
A.J. Bandstra
Ki-Min Bang (A)
Mark Bartusch
Hans Dieter Betz
Phyllis Bird
Thomas Blanton
Adrien Janis Bledstein
Joseph Blenkinsopp
Gerald Borchert
Carl Bosma
Max Botner
Laurie Braaten
Robert Branson
Robert Brawley
Scott Brevard (A)
Laurie Brink
Amanda Brobst-Renaud
Jonathan Bryant (A)
R. Matthew Calhoun
Teresa Calpino
Stephen Chester
P. Richard Choi
Sweety Helen Chukka (A)
Khen Chum (A)
Lynn H. Cohick
John J. Collins
Lamar Cope
Felix H. Cortez
Charles H. Cosgrove
Wendy Cotter, c.s.j.
Michael Cover
Stuart Creason
John Dominic Crossan
A. Andrew Das
Steed V. Davidson
Willis DeBoer
Mary Deeley
Richard DeMaris
Brian C. Dennert
Jenny DeVivo
Karen Kang Di (A)
Genevive Dibley
Wesley Dingman (A)
Robert DiVito
Seth Ehorn
Zechariah Eberhart (A)
Dennis R. Edwards
Nicholas Elder
Susan Elliott
Ashleigh Elser
John T. Fitzgerald
Lawrence Geraty
Christian Gers-Uphaus (A)
Jeffrey Gibson
Shane P. Gormley (A)
William Grese
Andrew Guffey
Chingboi Guite (A)
Najeeb T. Haddad
Lowell Handy
Adolf Hansen
Jonathan Hatter
Don Haymes
George Heider
Paula Hiebert
Theodore Hiebert
Lee Douglas Hoffer (A)
Steven W. Holloway
D. E. Holwerda
Elizabeth Hopp-Peters
Estella Horning
Annette B. Huizenga
W. W. Isenberg
Dong Hyoung Jeong
Nathan C. Johnson
Robert M. Johnston
Jina Kang
Suh-An Kang (A)
Calvin Katter
James A. Kelhoffer
Joshua King
Hans-Josef Klauck
Stephen Knapp
Paul Koptak
Amanda M. Kunder (A)
Andre LaCocque
Lawrence Lahey
May May Latt
Max Lee
Woo Min Lee
Felipe Legarreta-Castillo
G. Brook Lester
Mark Lester (A)
Yinchen Lian (A)
W. L. Liefeld
Eunyung Lim
Edmondo Lupieri
Troy W. Martin
Eric F. Mason
Lee Zachary Maxey
David Paul McCarthy
James P. McIlhone
Brittany Meeks (A)
Esther Menn
Robert Meye
Walter Michel
Timothy Milinovich
Margaret M. Mitchell
Robert Mowery
Larry Murphy
William Murphy
Nelida Naveros Cordova
vanThanh Nguyen
Frederick Niedner
Philip Nordstrand
Ferdinand Okorie (A)
James C. Okoye
James Papandrea
Cambry G. Pardee
Nancy D. Pardee
Jon K. Paulien
Vicki L. Pedersen  (A)
Douglas Penney
John Phelan
Ray Pickett
Mark Reasoner
Teresa Reeve
Barbara E. Reid, O.P.
David Rhoads
Benjamin J. Ribbens
Susan Rieske
Clare Rothschild
Jordan Ryan
Sorin Sabou
Waldemar Schmeichel
Brian Schmisek
René Such Schreiner
JoAnn Scurlock
Donald P. Senior, C.P.
Rev. John Seraphine (A)
Christine Shea
John Simpson
Thehil R. Singh (A)
Christopher Skinner
Richard Sklba
Edgar Smith Jr.
Julien C. H. Smith
Klyne Snodgrass
Yoseob Song (A)
Jeffrey Stackert
Ranko Stefanovic
Naomi Steinberg
John Stek
Olivia Stewart Lester
Tyler Stewart (A)
Carol Stockhausen
Geoffrey Story
John T. Strong
Justin David Strong (A)
Sarah Tanzer
Leonard L. Thompson
Trevor Thompson
J. Brian Tucker
Osvaldo Daniel Vena
D. Dale Walker
Erin G. Walsh
Patricia Walters
R. B. Ward
John White
Megan Wines (A)
Adela Yarbro Collins
K. K. Yeo
Eric Zito (A)

(A) indicates Associate Member